Serial entrepreneur Marcus Barney, also known throughout social media as HIM500, has mastered the personal finance space and has created a new lane that has blazed a path for entrepreneurs. Marcus learned early on that entrepreneurs are not equipped with the proper tools or financial resources that are needed to succeed; hence he has creatively created dozens of strategies to obtain funding in ways that we "The Consumer" have control over. Through implementing what he teaches, Marcus now owns Barney Aviation, a private jet brokerage firm, he is part owner of Connectally, a software company, and has one of the largest financial literacy communities in the nation just to name a few.


With all of the great things that Recession Proof is doing within the various communities throughout the nation, the organization is just getting started! Recession Proof has chartered over 27 chapters throughout the United States and have plans to expand beyond its’ current domestic borders in the very near future. Recession Proof has also recently become a formally chartered and incorporated fraternity, Rho Phi Chi, that will be offered on college campuses throughout the nation. Recession Proof is not only a movement, but a liberating mindset that the organization strives to impart on the future generations to come.


To disrupt and advance the world’s learning system as it pertains to self-development, financial literacy and all-around wealth generation.